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Els Olors

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Els Olors

We find Els Olors on the foot of Arta's mountain range, in the road connecting Artà with the Hermitage of Bellpuig. In this place, the old Muslim farmhouse of Ben Olhatx was found, although no remains are left. The present construction, although it still preserves some elements from the Catalan conquest period, can be dated from the 18th century and before it was known as Solor. The estate occupies a surface of 400 hectares, being described by Archiduc Lluis Salvador of Austria as one the most beautiful possessions of Artà dedicated to the cultivation of fig, almond and olive trees. Nowadays, the possessió houses are organized in a block, gathering together the habitation and a series of premises like the oil mill, the furnace, the washing places, the water mill, the reservoir, the large doorway and the hen house. The house of the possessió features a four storey exempt volume with a four gabled roof. Its entrance round arch portal has a stone staircase. It is worth highlighting the small garden enclosed within a stone wall and the pillars with an iron trellis placed in front of the house. The rest of the buildings are on the side of the house and on the back, organized around a small courtyard. Furthermore, inside the estate, we find the Qânat. It preserves a gallery of 300 metres long by only half a metre of height, which makes access difficult. Up to eight cisterns have been counted, which are protected by a circular sandstone wall. The Qânat ends in a trough and after in a reservoir. This water deposit made possible a supply of water for irrigating the surrounding orchards and supplied an old water mill of the possessió. Qânats are subterranean water canals made around the 10th century, during the Muslim occupation of the island. The construction of this network involved excavating a shaft down to the aquifer, from where the water that springs runs by its own weight through a small canal. The entire network was covered by a barrel vault made with dry-stone and every so often a cistern was built, which permitted access to the mine for its maintenance.

Els Olors
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Carretera Camidels Racó, Arta

Neighborhood: Artà
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