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Gothic in style, Mallorca Cathedral was built during the XIII and XIV centuries. It has soaring delicate columns and a beautiful rose window. The Cathedral Museum is next to it, displaying Gothic art and gold work. Majorca Cathedral, often called La Seu, it is a Levantine Gothic-style cathedral (characterised by using a German-style hall layout) and it has one of the largest rose windows in the world, known as “the Gothic eye”. Its nave is also one of the highest in any European Gothic cathedral. Around it lies the historic Old Quarter of the city, worth visiting not only for its old buildings but also the lovely courtyards of many of the aristocratic mansions. Palma is a town of many courtyards. The churches of Sant Francesc, Sant Miquel and Santa Eulàlia are Gothic buildings of great beauty and ornate interiors. Contributions by artist Miquel Barceló consisting of a large ceramic mural, stained glass windows and fixtures can be visited in one of the chapels of Mallorca's Cathedral. This avant-garde proposal was promoted by the late Bishop Teodor Úbeda and supported by various institutions under the auspices of the Art a la Seu Foundation, which has not been free from a debate similar to the one surrounding Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the early twentieth century. Close on sundays and holidays.

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  • Mallorca Cathedral

    breathtaking. a must too see. beautiful

  • Mallorca Cathedral

    bonita y guia gratuita del museo y catedral

  • Mallorca Cathedral


  • Mallorca Cathedral

    Tiene una situación impresionante

  • Mallorca Cathedral

    Se si va a Palma la visita e d'obbligo. 10 euro mi sembra l'ingresso.

  • Mallorca Cathedral


  • Mallorca Cathedral

    La més majestuosa catedral gòtica de la mediterrània

  • Mallorca Cathedral

    para visitar por dentro y por fuera

  • Mallorca Cathedral

    vaut la peine de dépenser 6 €

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