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Frederic Chopin and George Sand: A Winter in Mallorca

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Frederic Chopin and George Sand: A Winter in Mallorca

Frederic Chopin and George Sand: A Winter in Mallorca The singular couple, along with her children, came to Mallorca in the winter of 1838 and stayed at the Royal Monastery in Valldemossa The visit by these illustrious luminaries left a mark on Mallorca and Valldemossa, a colourful village that set in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, roughly 20 km from Palma. Upon his doctor's recommendation, Frederic Chopin came to the island to take advantage of the Balearic's mild winter climate, although 1838 was an especially rainy year. The musician's illness, the couple's unmarried status and the progressive customs of Aurore Dudevant, George Sanl's real name, clashed with the beliefs and customs of the conservative society of the day. Nevertheless, the islanl's beautiful scenery captivated both of them. Chopin said, '... I shall live in a wonderful cloister in the most beautiful part of the world...', and his companion thought, 'Anything that can be dreamt by the painter or the poet has been created by nature in this place'. The two produced part of their work on the island, in Chopin's case, several scores and in George Sanl's, A Winter in Mallorca, inspired by her stay. In 1982, the Balearic Government's Ministry of Tourism created a programme with the same name, A Winter in Mallorca, which features entertainment and cultural activities planned especially for visitors during that time of the year. Today, the grounds of the Royal Monastery of Valldemossa are open for visits to the many different chambers it contains, among them the cells that these illustrious visitors occupied along with objects related to them, including the Pleyel piano brought expressly from France for the composer. In August, the Chopin Festival, which dates back to 1930, takes place in the Monastery's cloister. Frederic Chopin to be Mallorca's adopted son as of September 12, 2010. The Mallorca Council named writer George Sand the islanl's adopted daughter in 2004 in recognition of her merits as a writer and intellectual, but also for her contribution to making the islanl's name known throughout Europe. No less deserving is Frédéric Chopin, who will also be the islanl's adopted son as of 2010. With this honour, Mallorca pays homage to two of its most illustrious visitors, whose mark has survived across the ages.

Frederic Chopin and George Sand: A Winter in Mallorca
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