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Andreu Genestra

Haute Cuisine | Artà
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“Cuina the terra” is not a slogan is a palpable reality, have the privilege of cultivating the land surrounding our restaurant, bathed by the Mediterranean sea breeze which gives the fruit a very special flavor. The cultivar six thousand meters square garden allows us to plant vegetables suitable for our dishes daily following their development and bring them to the kitchen when they have their best flavor. Being able to reap the fruits of our trees when they reach the restaurant still have frost in the morning. That our oil comes from the ten thousand square meters of olive trees that have sight, having planted sixty-three thousand meters square of local wheat variety xeixa gives us the assurance that our bread will have a special flavor, that beer we learn about this wheat will have its own features and our eggs produced by hens fed with this cereal, will remind guests of their childhood feelings. The six thousand vines planted in the eighteen thousand square meters in front of the restaurant in the future will allow us to control the entire process of our wine. Organic farming we have inherited from our grandparents who have learned to love and care for the earth to water it with the sweat of our brow, and experience know that the earth brings only what it receives. Here in the kitchen is where Chef Andreu Genestra, with an experienced team can be displayed in its fullness, and his expertise is reflected in their dishes mixing creativity and classic flavors, cooking the vegetables from our garden with selected meat, fish of the boats Cala Ratjada which is two miles from our restaurant, all seasoned with selected spices brought from around the world. We want our guests to enjoy a unique environment in which to enjoy the content of our dishes have never had feelings that get carried away by your senses and feel the same pleasure being on the table to serve us.

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  • Andreu Genestra

    Comida exquisita, se nota la mano de un gran cocinero

  • Andreu Genestra

    Spitze - bestes essen und das zu einem unschlagbaren Preis.

  • Andreu Genestra

    Sólo decir una palabra. Espectacular

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Andreu Genestra
Spain Haute Cuisine

Carretera de Palma a Manacor

Neighborhood: Artà
Telephone: 971 565 910
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