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During the 19th and 20th centuries, the first emigrants that had made their fortunes in the Americas returned to Artà. They were known as Indianos. The return of this new rich collective started a dispute: wealthy classes and newcomers competed to show their economic power through their properties. Indianos imported new building styles from the Americas and Na Batlessa is a good example. This early 20th century building features an independent volume placed on a small podium and surrounded by a balustrade. The main facade forms a big triangular pediment, boasting a beautiful stairway and a balcony on the main floor. The owner of Na Batlessa, Cristòfol Ferrer, donated the complex to the Town Hall in 1984. Thus, the building became a public space hosting a public library, a youth information office and an exhibition space. Na Batlessa also hosts the document bank of famous painter Miquel Barceló and Arta’s local theatre.

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    Schöne Einkaufmeile im malerischen Städtchen

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Na Batlessa
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Carrer de Ciutat, 10, Arta

Neighborhood: Artà
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