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Dolmen de s’Aigua Dolça

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Dolmen de s’Aigua Dolça

This dolmen is located in Es Canons, between Colònia and Betlem residential areas. This megalithic tomb was built around the 2000BC as a collective necropolis. It remained in use until circa 1650aC. The central chamber was accessed through a narrow corridor. The human remains of the entire community were placed there along with small grave offerings. These included ceramic pots, bone tools, punches and copper and bronze elements. The corridor and the chamber were surrounded by a circle of sandstone slabs. This complex was covered by a stone burial mound, its original aspect being that of a big promontory with a little entrance to the funerary chamber. Currently, only the perimeter and the base lines of the corridor and the chamber are visible. The site was excavated by the University of the Balearic Islands.

Dolmen de s’Aigua Dolça
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Avinguda del Llorer, 108, Betlem

Neighborhood: Artà
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