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Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)

Международная кухня | Palma de Mallorca
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A few years ago already, Indian food has gained momentum in the West, gaining popularity day by day. After 80 years of family culinary tradition, a classic among Hindus restaurants in Mallorca, and the first group opens Tahmajal Restaurant is located in Palma Street Blaquerna. It can taste the typical and extraordinary cuisine of India with exquisite treatment by our staff. When it comes to restaurants Tajmahal Group, talked about some of the most prestigious exotic restaurants of the island. A small but important part of Indian culture where you have the feeling you dive into a world of flavors and spices. They offer culinary quality and service level equally. In these restaurants you can enjoy authentic delicacies such as chicken prepared in Agra special clay oven Tandoori and traditional curries and vegetarian dishes cooked in a stone oven. A success in quality, flavors, spices, variety of food representing different peoples and cultures of India. Besides Ayurvedic medicinal value are the Indus known as extension of life. The personal touches of the chefs create a blend of tastes, providing depth and dimension to the food that are so pleasing to the palate. Let us entertain by delight we offer, and make your meal a memorable experience. Welcome to Restaurant Tahmajal

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  • Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)


  • Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)

    La comida está deliciosa

  • Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)

    Fantástico hindú en Palma, es mítico!

  • Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)

    La comida hindú es de mis favoritas, sobretodo el arroz acompañado de pollo y especias. Muy buen servicio además y buen precio

  • Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)

    Me encanta el menú para variar un poco y comer comida exótica.

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Taj Mahal (restaurante hindú)
Spain Международная кухня

4 Carrer Blanquerna

Neighborhood: Palma de Mallorca
Telephone: 971 75 14 08
E-mail: Send an email
Website: Visit the website
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