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Gothic building built as an exchange for merchants in the XV century by Guillem Sagrera, architect and sculptor, it is a symbol of the days when Mallorca was the centre of a flourishing maritime trade. Today this space is dedicated as a centre for art exh Facing the sea and fronted by the palm trees on Paseo Sagrera stands the silhouette of La Lonja in Palma, the former site of the Merchants Association, which was this trade's guild in Mallorca. Work on the building began in 1421 under the direction of architect and sculptor Guillem Sagrera (1370' -1456), who was born in Felanitx and abandoned the nearly finished project in 1446 because of differences with the developers. The last details on La Lonja would be terminated in 1488. Sagrera was an influential figure who participated in major works (some even simultaneously) in the lands of the Crown of Aragon, including the cathedrals of Mallorca, Perpignan and Castelnuovo in Naples, among others. Architecturally, La Lonja is a large rectangular space articulated in three naves supported by six slender helicoidal columns with a ribbed vaulted roof. The ribs of the arches of the vaults merge with the spiral of the columns and are embedded in the walls on the sides. Four octagonal towers at each end, ten smaller towers that act as buttresses, eight large windows and decorative gargoyles and statues characterise its façade. Today, this masterpiece of civil Gothic architecture and Maestro Sagrera's most important work is used for cultural events and official functions.

Spain Streets - Outskirts

Carrer Llotja de Mar, 1, Palma de Mallorca

Neighborhood: Palma de Mallorca
Nearby Places LA LLOTJA

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