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Inaguration of Cabrera Interpretation Centre

Parks and Nature | Salines (ses)
Inaguration of Cabrera Interpretation Centre

The National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of Cabrera's interpretation centre is located in the Colònia de Sant Jordi in the municipality of Ses Salines. Although the sub-archipelago of Cabrera belongs to the city of Palma administratively speaking, its geographic proximity to Colònia de Sant Jordi makes the latter the logical place for the park's interpretation centre, since boats to the park also leave from Mallorca's southern zone (Portopetro and Colònia de Sant Jordi). The interpretation centre allows visitors to garner first-hand knowledge of the wealth of nature that makes this island deserve the maximum protection. Because of the park's fragile environment and so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of its different species, visits are only allowed in the environs of the port of Cabrera, which is why the interpretation centre is an excellent opportunity to understand its values better. Aquariums display the different species that can be found in the surrounding waters and another section introduces its terrestrial medium. These contents are framed by Mediterranean history and culture on display in facilities whose main building is inspired by the megalithic talayotic constructions of the islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

Inaguration of Cabrera Interpretation Centre
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Carrer es Turó, 4, Colònia de Sant Jordi

Neighborhood: Salines (ses)
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