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Antique Dolls Museum of Palma

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Antique Dolls Museum of Palma

The evolution of dolls, from the first religious figures up to the famous Nancy, is featured in the Antique Dolls Museum of Palma. The collection brings together more than 500 pieces, many of them belonging to the period known as the golden century of the doll, from 1840 to 1930. Alicia García Germán is a great collector who, over the years, has managed to gather together a large collection of dolls which she exhibits in this museum located in the old part of Palma. The tour starts from the origins, wooden or terra-cotta religious figures which formed part of births, as well as pre-Colombian cloth dolls, found in children's graves. Other examples are the wax dolls, which were used as votive offerings at the end of the 19th Century. The hair is implanted strand by strand and they have glass eyes which, curiously, were put in by one-eyed craftsmen. Two of its showcases are given over to the famous Mariquita Pérez, which appeared on the market in 1940 at a price which was only affordable by the upper bourgeoisie, and Gisela, its closest competitor, also Spanish. Various examples of the golden century of dolls Without doubt, the most interesting part is devoted to the golden century of dolls, which spans the period between 1840 and 1930, with its great variety of dolls from different places. There are many German dolls, such as the Schmitt ones, from 1890, or the BSM, with an articulated body and a hand-embroidered cape. Among the French ones are the Jumeau dolls, the Armand Marseille ones and an authentic Gaultier from 1875 dressed as a gypsy. The Italian dolls include Lency, made of felt. Some of these dolls are very curious, such as the kaiser baby, with the face of a German emperor; the kewpies, some Japanese angels dating from1913; or the two Teddies from the firm Steiff, which are one hundred years old now and which can fetch more than 150,000 Euros. As well as dolls, there are various pieces of furniture on display. Especially interesting is the Luis XV chest of drawers of mahogany and limoncillo wood with a marble top, and the 1850 chest made of wood and metal.

Antique Dolls Museum of Palma
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Carrer Palau Reial, 27, Palma de Mallorca

Neighborhood: Palma de Mallorca
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