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The Royal Monastery of Valldemossa has its origins in the early fourteenth-century palace constructed by King James II for its son Sancho The Royal Monastery of Valldemossa has its origins in the early fourteenth-century palace constructed by King James II for its son Sancho, which was donated to the Order of San Bruno in 1399. After adapting the existing construction to its new religious ends, new buildings were erected around a Gothic church and cloister, which have not survived, although other architectural elements from the time have been preserved. In 1717, an extension was begun with the construction of a new Baroque church and cloister around which spacious cells were built, but only a part of the project was executed, since in 1835, with Mendizábal's government confiscation, the property passed into the State's hands and except for the church and other zones that would become part of the public domain, the rest would end up in private hands distributed in 9 lots. The Monastery has housed prominent figures such as Gaspar M. Jovellanos during his exile, Frederic Chopin and George Sand, Joseph Bonaventure Laurens, Rubén Darío, Azorín, Eugeni d'Ors and Unamuno, among others. At present, most of the old monumental part can be paid a visit that consists in the church; apothecary; prior's cell with diverse chambers that house objects of art and monastery documents; Cells 2 and 4, which display elements related to Chopin and George Sanl's visit; the cloister; the municipal museum with works by contemporary painters such as Miró, Picasso, Tàpies, Juli Ramis and Coll Bardolet, etc.; a hall dedicated to Archduke Luis Salvador; and finally, King Sancho's palace, where performances of piano pieces in addition to the visit to the chambers. Interesting features outside the monastery include the palace's defence tower and the church's double bell tower, with one of its elegant towers standing out thanks to its emerald-green coloured tiles that contrast with its unfinished twin, mute witness to the interruption of works to expand the enclosure undertaken in 1717 and broken off after the 1835 confiscation. Valldemossa is a colourful, little mountain village with different places to visit related to Santa Catalina Thomàs, who was born in this town and to whom the inhabitants are fervently devoted, which becomes evident in the allusive tiles that almost all the village houses boast. Painter Coll Bardolet's Foundation and Costa Nord cultural center founded by the actor Michael Douglas, completes the cultural offer. Furthermore, the town's culinary specialties can be sampled and include its well-known potato cocas and refreshing horchata made from almonds, the privileged fruit of the countryside in the vicinity.

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    Sehenswertes Kloster, tolle Architektur.

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Royal Monastery of Valldemossa
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