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Cala s'Almunia

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S'Almunia is situated at nine kilometres from Santanyí. The name comes from the nearby Cala es Maquer and this rocky sea inlet. This part of the coastline of Santanyí is a jetty eroded by the sea and the wind on the rock, and the few flat areas are used as solarium by the swimmers. The access to the water has to be done by the ramps to introduce the boats into the sea. You will have to be careful because of the presence of slippery green seaweed. Getting there on the seaway on a quiet day needs a good navigator. In s'Almunia there is a depth that ranges from four to five metres on a sandy ground, with some rocks, and a sandbank which you have to keep an eye on. The presence of sea currents and winds from the southeast-east-southwest make anchoring normally impossible. But the beautiful underwater area is very popular amongst divers. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Cala Figuera de Santanyí, at 2,1 nautical miles. The accessibility by car is easy to s'Almunia. Once you have parked the car for free next to the houses of sa Comuna (at 1,1 kilometres from the beginning of the road that leads to this rocky area, and at half a kilometre from the sea), you have to walk for 200 metres, going down the steep stairs, and turn left to reach this beautiful piece of coast. This problematic accessibility explains the low influx of visitors. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information - Cala d´Or General information on the island: Tourist Information - Mallorca Main technical dataType of access: 30 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boatsAverage width: 10 metersAccess for disabled people: NoDegree of occupancy: LowAnchoring zone: No

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  • Cala s'Almunia

    Très bel endroit à voir ! Difficile d’y mettre sa serviette de plage et de faire les allés-retour. Si vous vous placez au bord de l’eau pour y descendre par l’embarcation des bateaux, je vous conseille de prendre des chaussures d’eau. C’est très glissant (voir dangereux) et il y a beaucoup de pierres au début de l’eau.

  • Cala s'Almunia

    Une très belle crique avec une eau magnifique un idéal de spot pour les amateurs de plongeon...

  • Cala s'Almunia

    Endroit paradisiaque mais difficile d’accès avec des enfants en bas âge.

  • Cala s'Almunia

    Precioso, las casas de pescadores le dan un encanto especial

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Cala s'Almunia
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Carrer des Caló des Macs, Cala Llombards

Neighborhood: Santanyí
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