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Cala Comtessa or Comptessa is situated at nine kilometres from Palma, between Punta des Bufador and Platja d'Illetes. This beach, es Fortí and Illetes are known as Illetes, and this cove is the smallest one amongst these three. This u-shaped and small sea inlet finishes on a beach which is surrounded by pine trees and low rocky areas on the sides, which are also used by the visitors to sunbathe. In front of the coast you can see Illot de Caleta. The marine and underwater conditions are excellent for anchoring boats in Cala Comtessa on a sandy ground with seaweed, where the depth ranges from two to three metres, but you should avoid passing between Illot de sa Caleta and Illot de s'Estenedor because of the sandbanks in this area. The nearest port facilities are located at Puerto Portals, at 1,3 nautical miles, which is one of the best infrastructures of the Balearic archipelago and Europe, where you can find some of the most beautiful and expensive boats of the Mediterranean basin, some of the best restaurants of the Balearic Islands and some popular night clubs. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The private car can be left on a free parking area next to the beach. There are some stairs that take to the beach. You can also reach this beach with the public transport. The nearest bus stop is located at 300 metres. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information - Illetes General information on the island: Tourist Information - Mallorca Main technical dataType of access: 100 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boatsAverage width: 15 metersAccess for disabled people: NoDegree of occupancy: MediumAnchoring zone: Yes

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  • Cala Comptessa

    Por enésima vez, una playa inaccesible a personas con sillas de minusválidos o carritos de bebé. Escaleras, aceras estrechas, aglomeración de vehículos aparcados... llegar es una pesadilla si uno tiene que llevar alguna de esas cosas. El chiringuito es carísimo pero al menos la clavada la puedes pagar con tarjeta. Los baños públicos son de pago: 0'50€

  • Cala Comptessa

    Auch wenn wir nicht nicht alles von Dieser schönen Insel gesehen haben, ist er trotzdem zu m. Lieblingsplatz geworden!

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Cala Comptessa
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Neighborhood: Illetes –Calvià
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