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Cala Anguila is situated at three kilometres from Portocristo. This sea inlet has a beautiful sandy area with gentle slope and an attractive fine-grained golden sand, which is the result of rests of shells and other species of sea animals of thousands and thousands of years, that came to this place with the sea current. The cliffs that surround this sea entrance, where a torrent flows into, are not very high and there is a big cave that might be visited. The winds that blow from the east-southeast-south have an incidence on this coast, but it is not a problem for anchoring boats on a sandy ground, the depth ranges from seven metres at the beginning of the natural entrance to four metres at a hectometre from the coast. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Portocristo, at 0,2 nautical miles. Its turquoise water, the quality of its sand and the beautiful environment attracted the development of buildings and hotels until the coast, although on the right part there is still some pines, scrubland and the rests of a marès or pedra de Santanyí (sandstone of dunes of the pleistocenus) quarry. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The private car may be left in the streets of the residential village and you will have to go down the stairs to reach Cala Anguila. This easy accessibility and the hotel and residential activity explain that there is a massive influx of local visitors and tourists. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information - Manacor General information on the island: Tourist Information - Mallorca Main technical dataType of access: 50 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boatsAverage width: 120 metersAccess for disabled people: YesDegree of occupancy: LowAnchoring zone: Yes

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  • Cala Anguila

    one of the most beautiful beaches.

  • Cala Anguila

    Schöne Gegend - ABER - TOTAL ÜBERFÜLLTER STRAND und DRECKIGES MEER :-( Zum Schnorcheln nicht geeignet !

  • Cala Anguila

    Cala muy bonita. En temporada junio/julio es totalmente recomendable

  • Cala Anguila


  • Cala Anguila

    Hyper sympa, facile d'accès, propre et agréable... Du monde, bien sûr, mais ça vaut le coup 

  • Cala Anguila

    Bella spiaggia

  • Cala Anguila


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Cala Anguila
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