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Sa Foganya

Mediterranean Cuisine | Valldemossa
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The house speciality, the typical “Cocas de Patata de Valldemossa", we also have Croissant, Ensaïmada (typical of Mallorca) and Almond cake, any of these delights should be accompanied by an exquisite "Artisan Hot Chocolate" (in the winter) or by the "Almond Milk" ("Horchata") (in the summer). ​ A magical place where you can enjoy an outing, come discover la Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, a can't-miss cultural stop, and roam its beautiful, timeless streets. It is definitely a memory you will never forget.​

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  • Sa Foganya

    Fantastic chocolat hehehe

  • Sa Foganya

    When we were in Mallorca I discover this place and was so good after the beach having some beers and sandwich.

  • Sa Foganya

    Good afternoon having capuccinos in a rainy day in Valldemossa

  • Sa Foganya

    I loved the almond sorbet and the hot chocolate.

  • Sa Foganya

    Después de una dura excursión, coca de patata y chocolate

  • Sa Foganya

    Com m'agrada Valldemossa i ses coques de patates

  • Sa Foganya

    Es uno de mis rincones favoritos cuando visito el pueblo, el trato es amable y ya nos conocen

  • Sa Foganya

    ¡Las mejores cocas de patata de Valldemossa! Están increibles

  • Sa Foganya

    Valldemossa, no seria lo mateix sino estigues sa Foganya

  • Sa Foganya

    guten Kaffee und typisch für Mallorca guten Kuchen

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Sa Foganya
Spain Mediterranean Cuisine

5 Via Blanquerna

Neighborhood: Valldemossa
Telephone: 696 51 52 86
E-mail: Send an email
Website: Visit the website
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