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Frank Krueger was born in 1962 in Berlin and created in his childhood exceptional works in oil on canvas. Being the son of a photographer and a technical drawer gave him the sense of detail, perspective and color harmony almost from the cradle. The desire to study art was ruined just before graduating because of the poor judgment of his art teacher. He left "head over heels" high school and made a three-year training for zookeeper at the Berlin Zoo. After that followed years of artistic self-discovery until he finally, after a few successful exhibitions in Berlin and Mallorca, 1992 he decided to move to this gorgeous island to relocated his live, in order to make painting his primer life calling. Since 2007, the artist paints and sells his works at the Galeria Frank Krueger on the waterfront at the port of Cala Ratjada, Mallorca. The view when he looks up from his easel, offers him the azure sea and the bobbing fishing boats in the harbor. It is not only Mallorca, but also cities like New York, which inspire Frank Krueger. Different designs are interacting to an interesting, highly impressive fusion with one another and it incur precisely crafted masterpieces, that can be described best with the concept of a partially surrealist "photo-realism". "I paint the picture first in my head where I alter it or delete it, until my gut tells me, " now you can start. " "It can take a process of years," says the artist, who sold his first oil painting at the age of 12 .... - inspiration and relaxation, the artist takes on his Harley-tours on the virgin coastal roads or the interior of the island, where he beauty of the island can be discovered again and again and new ideas are developed. The purity of the light and colors of Mallorca are reflected in his work, always looking to capture the charm of its landscape.

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