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Sa Calobra (20 €)

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This is probably the “queen” of excursions in Mallorca. We visit a completely natural environement absolutely unrepeatable in which the sea meets the mountain. Itinerary Upon leaving our hotels, we travel to one of the most spectacular places in Mallorca. To get to la Calobra we need to travel along a long mountain road of 12KM with its spectacular “Tie knot”, a curve of 360º. We travel up to 862 meters to then go down to sea level, where we find the incredible Torrent de Pareis. All of this right in front of the imposing mountain range “Sierra de Tramuntana”. 1. Sa Calobra: Sa Calobra is an authentic paradise within The Serra de Tramuntana. A point where sea, cliffs and forests meet to produce a natural, spectacular landscape that impresses anyone who decides to visit. 2. Torrent de Pareis: This is a creek situated in one of the most abrupt parts of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Its natural conditions and location convert it in one of the most spectacular places on the island. In 2003 it was declared a Natural Monument by the Balearic Government. 3. Serra de Tramuntana: The main mountain range of the Balearic Islands is situated in the North-East of Mallorca and in 2011 it was declared Heritage of the UNESCO thanks to its cultural landscape. Abrupt hillside, mountain villages, milenary agricultura and a rich ecosystem maje this space fully natural and incomparable.

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  • Sa Calobra (20 €)

    Genial excursión

  • Sa Calobra (20 €)

    una excursión para el recuerdo

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Sa Calobra (20 €)
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