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Cuevas del Hams + Perlas Majorica (26 €)

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Unforgettable experiences… One of them being the Caves of Hams. Surprise yourself with its imposing, underground forms in which you can enjoy the spectacular show. Itinerary In our first stop we shall visit the famous Pearl factory, Majorica, to get to know firsthand the process of fabrication. Afterwards, we shall visit the incredible Caves of Hams in Porto Cristo. We shall return back to the hotel at 13:30hrs. 1. Majorica: Made in Manacor, the capital of East Mallorca, this acclaimed pearl factory is more than a hundred years old. Its organic pearls are renowned worldwide; they are so perfect that it is almost impossible to distinguish the natural ones. This product is exclusive to Mallorca. 2. Cuevas dels Hams: Discovered in 1905, the caves of Hams are thought as some of the most important underground formations in Europe. With its spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, its famous lake called the sea of Venice and its impressive halls is what has made it one of the most visited attractions on the island.

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  • Cuevas del Hams + Perlas Majorica (26 €)

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Cuevas del Hams + Perlas Majorica (26 €)
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