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Convent dels Mínims

Religious | Sineu
Convent dels Mínims

Sant Francesc street in Sineu is the home to the former Convent dels Mínims, founded in 1667. In 1722 it underwent a wholesale refurbishment, and the cloister was built then, in addition to other elements. In 1835 it fell into secular hands as the convent was disentailed. This building has housed the Sineu Town Hall since 1877. The main façade is two stories tall with a centrally-located Baroque doorway. On the ground floor, the windows are bell-shaped, while on the upper story they are quadrangular, with corbels and eaves. There are also a few tiles bearing pictorial motifs. The cloister is Baroque in style and has a quadrangular, slightly trapezoidal shape. The columns over plinths hold up flat arches, and the capitals have small Ionic-style flutes on the tops, while the lower parts have little wreaths with curious reliefs that alternatively portray the mitre and star of the coat-of-arms of Bishop Estela. In the middle is the lip of an octagonal cistern bearing the inscription Charitas, the slogan of the Minims, which dates from 1693.

Convent dels Mínims
Spain Religious

Carrer Sant Francesc, 10, Sineu

Neighborhood: Sineu
Telephone: 971 520 027
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