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Fundación Aina Mª Lliteras de Can Cardaix

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Fundación Aina Mª Lliteras de Can Cardaix

A taste of the life of nobles and mallorquinian lords from the 16th century until today When we enter into Can Cardaix, the first thing we experience is the sensation of having been transported back in time. We are in a visiting space of 900 m2, divided into two levels. The space has not been altered, nor suffered the impact of large tourism. Suddenly we start to savour the atmosphere and traditions of a vital, hospitable Mediterranean culture: the Mallorquinian people. Can Cardaix is also the birthpalce of Aina Maria Lliteras, one of the most recognized and significant living artists of today's cultural scene. Her work is well known in painting as well as in other visual arts. There is also a contemporary art competition that has been named after her. Can Cardaix has been adpted for visitors and offers a journey that takes us from the 16th century until today. As we see the imperial staircase we find the master piece of Llitera's craftmanschip, with dimensions of 32 m2, that double as a philosophical studio. We are going to then walk through a series of rooms and living spaces: the dining room, kitchen, a formal ballroom, the pink room, the green room, the Solomonic room, the Alfonsinian room, the Isabellinian room, among other. We will also see some devotional paintings or altar pieces, birth chairs, the grandmother's powder desk and more. At the end of the tour we'll be able to purchase some souvenirs of cultural interest in the shop of the museum

Fundación Aina Mª Lliteras de Can Cardaix
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Carrer de Rafel Blanes, 14, Arta

Neighborhood: Artà
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