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Torre electricidad Alaró

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Torre electricidad Alaró

Alaró was the first municipality in Mallorca to have an urban electricity network, even before Palma. Electricity was brought to Alaró thanks to two villagers, brothers Gaspar and Josep Perelló Pol, who had a soap and oil business. Gaspar, who had travelled to Barcelona on business, was dazzled by the potential offered by the big city's electrification and he wanted Alaró to benefit from what he had seen there. His dream came true, thanks to capital that he himself invested and to the support of a handful of people from Alaró, who were convinced of the advantages that electricity represented. Overcoming the reticence of many villagers, the Perelló brothers brought experts from Catalonia and built a power station and electricity supply network that was inaugurated on August 15th 1901, coinciding with local festivities in the village. A power station tower still remains. It was restored in 2001 to mark the centenary of the inauguration.

Torre electricidad Alaró
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