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Son Morei Vell

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Son Morei Vell

Son Morei Vell is on the road connecting Artà with the Hermitage of Betlem, 5 kilometres away from the urban centre. The mentioned possessió takes its name from their owners during the 16th century. Before, Alqueria Vella, the old farmhouse, Verger and the farmhouses of Biniagorga were part of Son Morei, but nowadays only 80 hectares make up the possessió. The houses and the farming premises are distributed around an interior courtyard. The housing area is divided in two: the landlords' and the farmhouse tenants' houses, which share the same facade. This building features two entrances: one with a lintel portal framed with white white stripes and a second round arch portal framed by a band and crowned with an heraldic shield. Highlights of the place are undoubtedly the defence tower and the chapel. The defence tower, dated from the 15th century, is quadrangular and is attached to the houses. It features two floors and a terrace with pyramidal battlements and the remains of a machicolation. Nowadays, access is made from the interior of the houses. We find the modern chapel separated from the rest of buildings. It has a quadrangular floor plan and little remains from the two arrises that made up the roof as it was reused as a tafona (Mallorcan oil mill) with some of its machinery preserved. On top of the access portal an heraldic shield, a small rose window and a triangular bell-gable can be observed

Son Morei Vell
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PMV-3333, Arta

Neighborhood: Artà
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