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Ramon Llull

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Ramon Llull was the first author to use a neo-Latin language - Catalan - to express philosophical, scientific and technical knowledge in the thirteenth century. Ramon Llull (1232 - 1316) was a thirteenth-century philosopher, poet, mystic, theologian and lay missionary from Mallorca with close ties to the Franciscans. In addition to being the first author to use a neo-Latin language to express philosophical knowledge, scientific and technical thought, he was the creator of literary Catalan. Llull used Catalan in literary prose as a normal instrument of communication and useful tool in cultural expression. Some of his most famous books include Blanquerna, an idealistic novel in which the protagonist, who leads her life through her religious vocation, tries to reach spiritual perfection; Libro del ascenso y descenso del entendimiento, that develops the famous scale method of Llullian thought - the mystical scales of knowledge through which Llull's most important work can examined as if the tree of science were steps - and El árbol de la ciencia, perhaps his most important work, in which Llull resorts to an analogy he was fond of: organic comparison, in which each science is represented as a tree with roots, trunk, branches, leaves and fruits.

Ramon Llull
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