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Estudio General Luliano

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Estudio General Luliano

C/ Sant Roc, 4. The Estudio General Luliano is a teaching institution founded in the 15th century, which subsequently, in the 17th century, became the Luliana de Mallorca University. After various changes, the current institution was created in 1951 to promote the culture of Mallorca and university studies. This institution is now used as a language school and for other teaching and cultural activities. The present-day building, in a Regionalist style, is the result of reconstruction in the 1950s, by the architect Gabriel Alomar. Some of the coats of arms and Gothic and Renaissance capitals survive from the ancient building and have been incorporated into the current building.

Estudio General Luliano
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Carrer Sant Roc, 4, Palma de Mallorca

Neighborhood: Palma de Mallorca
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