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Devesa de Ferrutx

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Devesa de Ferrutx

Devesa of Ferrutx is found over the road of Colònia de Sant Pere, on the foot of Ferrutx hill. A large possessió that in 1302 was acquired by king Jaume II of Mallorca to use it as a devesa, a pastureland where it is possible to hunt. It was enlarged by king Sancho, who introduced foreign species such as deer and wild boar. This Royal Hunting Reserve disappeared during the same century and its central building became a possessió, where a defence tower was built during the 16th century. The tower, of circular floor plan, is divided in two storeys and a terrace. We can observe two machicolations on the facade. We enter the tower through the house attached to it. It is a one story house with two corridors and two longitudinal bays covered by a barrel vault. The entrance portal features a stilted arch on the intrados and a round arch on the extrados. Surrounding the complex there are other isolated premises like stables and troughs. Devesa of Ferrutx was sold to the painter Miquel Barceló and now hosts his studio.

Devesa de Ferrutx
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PMV-3331, Arta

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