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Albarca Tower

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Albarca Tower

Albarca or Matzocs tower is on a coast cliff of the cove of Es Matzocs. It was built by order of the University of Artà -fore Town Hall- in 1751 to be a watchtower for the Menorcan Channel, as the British had occupied the neighbouring island. Although it is popularly known by these two already mentioned names, its original name is San Fernando Tower. The tower is a two storey cut cone building with an 11 metres high terrace. The original entrance was on the top floor but after some time, another one was opened on the ground floor. The ground floor, divided in three spaces, was where gunpowder was kept. Access to the terrace is made through a spiral staircase, where a cannon is still preserved. Nowadays it has been declared a Cultural Interest Site (BIC).

Albarca Tower
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Carretera Camide Cala Mitjana, Arta

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