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The monumental compounds of Valldemossa rise between Sierra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranenan, a few kilometres away from the Majorcan Costa Nord. The city's careful layout is filled with steep streets, stone façades and important religious buildings, among a luxuriant vegetation. The mountains of this area dive into the ocean, to form beaches and coves where it is possible to anchor any vessel. The port of Valldemossa preserves the fishing-town character of yore. Fresh fish and inland produce are wisely combined into succulent recipes that will delight visitors. The village of Valldemossa is located a mere 17 kilometres away from Palma, in the middle of the valley of Sierra de Tramuntana, 400 kilometres above sea level. Part of the village goes up into the mountain slope, creating steep streets and beautiful natural miradors. The whole compound is surrounded by lush forests, with olive and almond trees that are irrigated by the abundant springs in the area.The green doors and windows of the houses contrast with the sober stone of which they are made. Green too are the tiles that cover the belltower of the Carthusian Monastery, perhaps the most emblematic monument of this town. This ancient monastery, which used to be the residence of Jaime II, housed Carthusian priests between 1399 and 1835. Its important historic legacy, as well as mementoes from two remarkable visitors: Frederic Chopin and George Sand, are preserved in cloisters, cells, gardens and museums. These mementoes include scores, pieces of writing, fittings and correspondence related to their stay in the island, in addition to the "Pleyel" piano. In memory of the outstanding polish composer, concerts are celebrated in the cloister and in the gardens of the Carthusian Monastery during the summer.

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  • Valldemossa

    worth to drive

  • Valldemossa

    Süße kleine Stadt. An guten Tagen sehr gut besucht...

  • Valldemossa

    Schöne Fahrt über den Pass..Der Ort ist leider total überlaufen

  • Valldemossa

    It’s really nice village! I liked it a lot.

  • Valldemossa

    Joli petit village.

  • Valldemossa

    Sehr schöne kleine Bergstadt! Es lohnt sich wirklich hier auf dem Weg von/nach Bsp. Port de Soller vorbeizufahren. Kleine schöne Gassen mit Restaurants, Eisdielen und kleinen Boutiquen.

  • Valldemossa

    Pueblo muy bonito en las sierra de tramontana. tiene la Cartuja que es una maravilla y luego el pueblo antiguo con muchas flores. Muy bonito, recomendable.

  • Valldemossa

    joli village

  • Valldemossa

    pueblecito muy bonito. tenéis q probar las cocas de patata

  • Valldemossa

    Pesino particolare .. Se si ha molto tempo consiglio la visita .altrimenti meglio orientarsi su le spiagge o altro

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