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Welcome to our small village in the south-western part of the Tramuntana mountain range of Mallorca. There are approximately 2,000 inhabitants living within the municipality of Puigpunyent, which includes the villages of Puigpunyent and Galilea, Son Serralta and outlying areas. The topography is mountainous and because of this Puigpunyent has some of the most stunning scenery to be found in Mallorca. Vineyards, orange groves, olive groves and almond groves cover the valleys of our village. The mountains are studded with thousand-year old olive trees set in terraces. Winding their way through these valleys and mountains are many ancient pathways, some of which still have the original cobblestones, and these pathways form an important part of our heritage. If you like hiking, Puigpunyent and Galilea offers a wonderful selection of routes throughout the municipality and Tramuntana mountain range. The mountains are covered with prolific woods made up of Pines, Holly Oaks, Wild Olives and Agorobos (Carob Bean Tree). Time has stood still in these woods and you can still come across "casetes de carboner" (the houses of charcoal makers) "forns de pedra" (stone ovens made of stone) used for baking bread, "forns de calç" (calcium ovens), and "cases de neu" (ice houses), remnants of a lost culture that we like to conserve and preserve.

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Carrer Vela, 7, Serra de Tramuntana, Puigpuñent

Neighborhood: Puigpunyent
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