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Llucalcari, also known as es Carrer, is a small hamlet situated on the coast of the Serra de Tramuntana, some three kilometres from Deià towards Sóller. 85 metres above the sea, it belongs to the municipality of Deià and comprises some twenty buildings that conform to the most idyllic images of Mallorca. Of the five defence towers that used to protect it from the pirates, there are still three: one in Casa d'Amunt, one in Can Simó; and one in Can Apol·loni. There is also a small chapel where there is a statue of the Mare de Déu dels Desemparats, who is honoured on August 15 for their patron saint festivities, organised by the Associació de Propietaris, Residents i Amics de Llucalcari. From Llucalcari via the old stone steps that descend between terraces of olive trees and pines, one can reach the tiny shingly and rocky cove, es Canyaret, that is appreciated for its transparent water and the freshwater fountain from the mountains. In this cove some people practice nudism and others use the pools formed by the water to cover their bodies with mud, which is supposed to have relaxing properties.

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  • Llucalcari

    Hôtel + restaurant, RIEN D'AUTRE !!

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