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Sa Baldufa (juguetes y regalos)

Toy Store - Gifts | Sóller
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Sa Baldufa is a shop dedicated to the little ones. You're going to find a good selection of educational toys, crafts, table games licenses, outdoor toys, you can also find gift items. As you can see we have a small space for children where they can paint on the board and have fun for a while. Children also perform Saturday workshops for children from 3 years (see schedule). Brands: Haba, Janod, Sylvanian families, Avenue Mandarine, Seedling, Mattel, Educa, Famous, Happy Horse, Lego and Playmobil.

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  • Sa Baldufa (juguetes y regalos)

    Tenda perfecta a Sóller per cumprar regals!

  • Sa Baldufa (juguetes y regalos)

    Li vaig comprar joguines al meu nin i està molt entretengut

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Sa Baldufa (juguetes y regalos)
Spain Toy Store - Gifts

92 Carrer de sa Lluna

Neighborhood: Sóller
Telephone: 971 63 48 85
E-mail: Send an email
Website: Visit the website
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