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Kirche Sant Nicolau

Religiöse | Palma de Mallorca
Kirche Sant Nicolau

Only the two keystones remain of the former 14th-century parish church, which was probably a single-nave construction with a ribbed vault. That building was demolished in the mid-15th century to make way for a second church. The elements of this second building that have survived to our times are the main portal – with very austere lines – and the side portal, where the arms of the Pacs family, important parishioners and patrons of the construction, appear. Currently, the inside corresponds to a Baroque building. The artistic heritage preserved from the medieval buildings include the table painting of the patron, Saint Nicholas – which presides over the main Baroque altarpiece -, and another painting representing an unidentified hermit saint. Both are late 15th-century works. The old chapel of Sant Nicolauet used to stand not far from the parish church, in what is now Plaça del Rosari, but it was demolished in 1836. When the parish circumscription was created it was used as a church by parishioners until work on the new building had finished on the current site in the 14th century. Adjoining the outside wall of the church’s apse is the stone where, according to tradition, Saint Catalina Tomàs used to sit whilst waiting to be accepted into the Convent of Santa Magdalena

Kirche Sant Nicolau
Spanien Religiöse

Carrer Sant Nicolau, 14, Palma de Mallorca

Neighborhood: Palma de Mallorca
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